5 Essential Plugins for WordPress Blogs [ 2018 ]

Plugins help extend the functionality and features of your WordPress blog. Though it is not necessary to install plugins to blog on WordPress, there are some essential plugins that you should really consider installing. In this post, I will share my list of top 5 essentials plugins for your WordPress blog. Some of this plugins help manage worst case scenarios, some help with the functionality – let’s check them out.


top 5 essential wordpress plugins - updraftplus

As your blog grows, it is important that your data is backed up somewhere safe every now and then. In case of worst case scenario – such as your if blog gets hacked or server goes down and crashes your site, the backup will come in handy. UpdraftPlus is a free backup plugin that lets you backup your blog data to services like Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud storage solutions. One of the best feature of this plugin is that you can easily schedule automatic backups. Check out more details about UpdraftPlus.


Wordfence Security

top 5 essential wordpress plugins - wordfence


You may not know it, but your blog is always at a risk of being attacked by malicious internet bots or hackers. They will try to gain access to your blog, steal your data, destroy your blog, install malicious script to infect your readers and much more worse things. Hence, it is very important that secure your WordPress blog. Wordfence Security is one of the best rated security plugin for WordPress. The free version comes with basic security and firewall features to protect your blog. You an also customize the settings to automatically block IP addresses of malicious actors before they can do any damage. Check out more details about Wordfence Security.


The SEO Framework

top 5 essential wordpress plugins - seo framework

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your blog for search engines helps your blog get better discoverability on search engine result pages. The SEO Framework is the best SEO plugin you can get for your WordPress blog. Most of the settings are preconfigured out of the box. It also provides addtional features like custom post titles, custom post description and ability to control robot meta settings of each post or pages in your blog. Check out more details about The SEO Framework.


Google Analytics

top 5 essential wordpress plugins - google analytics

Collecting analytics about your blog will help you understand your visitors and learn what works best on your blog. There are couple of analytics platforms out there, but Google Analytics is one of the most advanced analytics platform and it is free. There are dozens of plugins for WordPress that help integrate Google Analytics to your blog. But a simple basic plugin that adds the Google Analytics tracking to your blog is more than enough as it helps to keep your WordPress site bloat free. Hence, we recommend Google Analytics for WordPress plugin developed by WebKinder. Once the tracking code is added, you can track real time traffic data and other details about your blog on Google Analytic website. Check out more details about Google Analytics plugin here.

Contact Form 7

top 5 essential wordpress plugins - contact form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular WordPress plugin. As the name suggest, this plugin allows to you to easily create and embed contact forms anywhere in your WordPress blog. Visitors of your blog will be able to contact you using this form. Check out more details about Contact Form 7.


Your WordPress blogging career is setup for a great start with these plugins. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you need help or consultation with WordPress, feel free to contact me via my twitter @stwNigel. Stay tuned for more blogging tips and guides!

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