How To Run A Successful Blog in 2018 ( And Beyond )

The internet we know now has evolved a great deal in the past decade. The main highlight of Web 2.0 was user generated content which people all over the world produced and consumed, initially in the form of text via blogs and now we are at the end of Web 2.0 where majority of the user generated content is in the form of video, especially on platforms like YouTube. Nowadays, the terms “blogging” and “blog” have been overshadowed by the terms “vlogging” and “vlog”.

Does this mean blogging is no longer viable in 2018? Let’s find out!

The blogging space has been heavily saturated in the last few years and the interest in blogging is seeing an heavy decline. In fact, the decline is so huge that we are now back at where we started!

Check out the Google Trends data on the search term “blogging” and you will know what I mean.

Google Trends Blogging
Google Trends graph for search term “blogging”.

However, worry not! The decline in trend does not mean there is no opportunity in blogging space. It only means that the rise of social media like facebook, instagram and snapchat provided an better medium for those people who just wanted to make their rant. In other words, the time has flushed out people who came into blogging space with the wrong priorities. The opportunity is still there!

Let us look into some tips to run a successful blog in 2018 and beyond.

1. Be Professional

Tips for Successful Blog

Back in the day, everyone had a blog – mostly because it was the easiest way to write your mind on the internet. It was very easy to start a blog and write about anything and it is kind of true even today. However with the rise of fake news and armchair experts, people are no longer interested in following some random blog that they run into. Also, search engines like Google are fighting hard to filter out low quality and low authority websites and blogs. So it is very important to be professional and authoritative on the content you write to build the trust with your visitors.

Well, how do you build a professional and authoritative blog? It is not a single step process, it is a long process that takes quite some time. But for starters, let your visitors know that you are serious about your blog. You can convey that by being more transparent about yourself – buy a custom domain, have a presentable profile, being vocal about the topics are you have expertise in and hiding yourself from your visitors.

2. Keep upto date with Technology

Tips for Successful Blog

The way you maintain your blog matters a lot. If your blog looks and feels like it is old and lagging behind latest technology, it is definitely not going to leave a good impression on your visitors. Some ideas that can help make your blog look good include adopting latest standards like Responsive Web Design, so that your blog loads well on mobile devices and all other screen sizes, implementing HTTPS support and making sure your blog works well with all popular web browsers.

3. Focus on building the Brand

Tips for Successful Blog

If you want to build a living out of your blog, it is very important to build a brand around the topic you blog about. Building a brand identity will not only attract advertisers but also makes sure you or your blog will stay in your readers mind all the time. Whenever your readers think about or come across some topic that revolves around your blog, your brand will be the one that pops up in their mind. For example, if your blog is about travelling and finding the best deals on airliners, having an easily identifiable brand name results in them coming to your blog for when they are looking for tips on finding best deals on airlines.

4. Bring value to the World

Tips for Successful Blog

Knowledge is power. The content you write should bring value to people and empower them. But the idea of bringing value does not have to stop there. You could provide services related to the topic you are good at. If your expertise is in baking, organise a workshop once in a while or do a seminar about it and reach out to the world. Doing this not only bring you more audience, makes you authoritative and more credible, but it also opens up door for many opportunities to earn.

5. Be Passionate

Tips for Successful Blog

This is a no-brainer tip. Before you endeavour in to blogging, make sure you are passionate about the topic. Otherwise, you are going to regret it later down the road and you might as well be better off working a job that you find boring. Signs of being passionate about something includes being able to talk about it as long as you want without any formal preparation, having the patience to go through the struggles and being happy to work on it as long as you want to.

To sum up, blogging is still a good medium to find and build your audience. The content you write and how you present it matters a lot. With the right tools and approach, you are just a search away from finding your new reader. The more relatable and niche your content is, the more easy it will be for you to build your blog.

I hope you found this article useful. In the following blog posts, I will share tips on building your blog. Stay tuned!

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