Levitating Globe

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The Levitating Globe is levitates in mid air and spins like real earth! 😱


Have you ever seen a levitating globe? It’s truly a remarkable sight to see a globe suspended in the air as if by magic. But it’s not magic, it’s actually a scientific phenomenon known as electromagnetic levitation. And the best part is, you can now have your very own levitating globe to decorate your house! The levitating globe is not just a decorative item, it’s also incredibly fascinating. You can spend hours staring at it, marveling at how it defies gravity and stays suspended in the air. It’s a great conversation starter and will definitely impress any guests who come over.

But it’s not just the levitation aspect that makes this globe so great. The globe itself is also beautifully designed, with accurate depictions of countries and continents. It’s a great tool for learning about geography, and it’s perfect for children who are just starting to learn about the world around them.  A simple spin will make a 360 degree rotation that will last 15-25 minutes. It also has 3 LED beads in frame shows that shows Purple, Pink & Cyan colors.

One of the best things about the levitating globe is that it doesn’t take up much space. Unlike a traditional globe that needs to be placed on a desk or table, the levitating globe can be placed on a small platform that can easily fit on a bookshelf or end table. This makes it a great option for people who live in small apartments or houses with limited space.

Another benefit of the levitating globe is that it’s very easy to set up. Simply plug in the base, place the globe on top, and watch as it magically levitates in the air. There are no batteries required, and the globe will stay suspended in the air as long as the base is plugged in.

Overall, the levitating globe is a fun and fascinating item to decorate your house. Not only is it a great conversation starter, but it’s also a beautiful and accurate depiction of the world. Whether you’re a geography buff or just looking for a unique decoration, the levitating globe is definitely worth checking out.

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