WordPress Pro Hosting Plan

$12.00 every Month

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WordPress Pro Hosting Plan

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service is tailored made specifically for Bloggers. With our WordPress Hosting service, we will help you get a head start on your blogging career. We take the heavy lifting of keeping your website secure from external intruders and malware attacks and also serve you with the most efficient and effective WordPress Hosting service so that you don't need to waste your time and money on unnecessary things which you never needed in the first place.

With our Managed WordPress Pro Hosting Plan, we have you covered with these features:

  • 10GB Storage
    Focus on your blog without worries of storage space. We provide you with free 10 GB storage with our WordPress Pro Hosting plan - that is more than enough to run your blog with few thousand blog posts!
  • Use Your Domain Connect your own domain name to your WordPress blog. Domain makes it easy for people to remember and visit your blog.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth That's right - unlimited bandwidth means unlimited visitors to your blog. We don't discriminate you against the number of visitors you get on your blog. Whether it's 100 monthly visit or 1 million monthly visit on your blog, we have got you covered.
  • Free SSL Certificate
    Internet is a wild place. Without proper SSL certificates, you’re risking security and privacy of anyone visiting your blog. Also, your WordPress blog needs to be protected from the malicious agents doing all kinds of attacks on it. And to cover your blog from those, we deploy SSL certificates for the domain connected to your blog at no additional cost.
  • WordPress installation & setup
    When your buy WordPress hosting from us, we will install and setup WordPress for you, so that you can start blogging as soon as possible!
  • No Restriction on Plugins & Themes
    As our Pro customer, we don't want to restrict your freedom to add features on your blog. With our paid plans, you have the freedom to install any number of Plugins & Themes as you wish.
  • Free Migration
    Do you have an existing WordPress blog somewhere? When you host with us, we will get your blog migrated to your new WordPress blog at no extra cost!
  • WordPress Help & Support
    Mistakes happen and we understand that. If you feel you messed up something in your blog or need any help with your blog, just reach out to us on our Community Forum, Email & Live Chat or even on social media. With our WordPress Help & Support service, we will help you figure out the issue and get you going.
  • Free Custom Domain Email Setup
    Would you like to have free email ID under your domain? Having an email ID under your own domain helps you look professional and stand out from the rest. We can get you setup with Custom Domain Email ID of your choice.

If you have any questions or clarifications on our service, feel free to contact our support channel.