Blogger is a good platform for beginner bloggers. However, Blogger lacks many features which are standard in most blogs nowadays. One of the most requested missing feature in Blogger is the Related Posts widget. Related Posts is very useful to show other related posts to your readers and keep them reading your blog more. In this blog post, I will show you how to show Related Posts on your blog.

We have developed a Related Posts plugin for Blogger blogs that is very easy to install and setup. Before I guide you on how to install this related posts widget for blogger, let me understand you some of it’s key features.

Features of Blogger Related Posts Plugin

  1. It is very easy to install. Trust me! There is no other related posts plugin / gadget for Blogger in the internet that is this easy to install.
  2. Our Blogger Related Posts plugin will easily adapt to the design of your blog. Whether you are using older Blogspot template or newer Blogger theme or some third party Blogger theme, this Related Posts plugin will seamlessly integrate with your blog’s design.
  3. It is responsive. The related posts will automatically adapt to the screen size of the user’s device.

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There are also some pre-requisites for the Blogger Related Posts plugin to work properly.

  1. Your blog should be public.
  2. Feed should be enabled.
  3. Labels should be enabled and visible in the blog post page.
  4. Blog posts should have at least one label.

Assuming you are now aware of the pre-requisites of the plugin, let’s head on to installing the plugin.

Installing Blogger Related Posts Plugin

Follow the below steps to install the Related Posts gadget in your Blogger blog.

  1. Go to our Blogger Related Posts plugin page.
  2. Click on Add to Blogger button.
  3. A new tab will open in your browser with Blogger page asking you to select the blog where you want to install this plugin.
    Related Posts Plugin for Blogger Blogspot Installation
  4. Click on Add Widget button. The Related Posts widget will be now added to your Blogger blog.
  5. To confirm the widget has been added to correct location, go to Layout. Ideally, you would want the widget to be added to sidebar section for blog posts.
    Blogger Related Posts Guide
  6. The Related Posts should be now showing up after your blog post.

I hope you found this guide helpful to install our Related Posts for Blogger / Blogspot tool. If you are facing any issue with getting it to work, feel free to reach out for help by commenting down below or contacting on our support page.