There is a popular quote that goes by “It’s never too late“. I agree. And it’s also true in the case of blogging. Blogging was one of the first and most popular application of Web 2.0. In 2019, Blogging continues to be the powerful medium to express oneself on the internet. Let’s check out some of the best platforms to start your blog in 2019 and weigh their pros and cons.

Top Blogging Platforms in 2019

When you start a blog, it is important that you choose a good platform to blog. The platform you select will influence your blog’s reach and it’s potential growth. Let’s check out the 3 best popular platform to blog in their respective order.


Blogger continues to be one of the easiest and most recommended platform to start a blog. Blogger platform is absolutely free to use and highly customizable. The pre-made themes from Blogger are according to the┬álatest web standards and they are very easy to setup. If you own a custom domain name, you can have your blog served under than domain instead of the amateur “” URL. One other advantage of Blogger is that it is owned by Google and hence obviously Blogger blogs gets some love in Google search results.

The disadvantage of Blogger is that you are not in full control of your blog. You cannot write about anything on Blogger. Your blog should be in accordance with Blogger’s content policy. If your blog is about controversial topics or violates any of the Blogger’s policies, chances are it will get removed or deleted. There are some other limitations of Blogger platform, but that’s a topic for another time.

To summarize,

  • Pros – Easy to setup, customizable themes out of the box, totally free.
  • Cons – Limited features, Blogger could take down your blog.

Self Hosted WordPress

Many people confuse Self Hosted WordPress with Though both the versions of WordPress are same under the hood, the concept is different. Self Hosted WordPress provides you with freedom and features out of the box which you have to unlock by paying more money at

The initial setup of a self hosted WordPress is little technical and may cost a little bit to host your blog ( hence, self hosted ). But it’s worth it in the long term. With Self-Hosted WordPress, the features you could have on your blog is unlimited. WordPress is not just a platform anymore, it is considered as a Content Management System nowadays. Most of the popular news websites on the internet are run on Self Hosted WordPress platform. There are even e-commerce stores and hotel booking sites running on WordPress! That’s how extensible and feature rich your WordPress blog could be.

The disadvantage with WordPress is that it is highly technical and susceptible to hacking. If you don’t know what you are doing, your blog could end up getting hacked and losing all your hard work.

To summarize,

  • Pros – More freedom and control, feature rich, highly extensible, mobile friendly.
  • Cons – Little expensive, has security risks.

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Medium is a recently popular blogging platform that has a good community. Unlike Blogger or WordPress, on Medium the focus is on the content. Medium is for those who wants to just write and don’t have high ambitions about owning a blog.

Unlike Blogger or WordPress, on Medium, all blogs look the same. There is no design to worry about. As long as you are following Medium’s content policy, you can write and reach the audience on Medium community and that’s it. Medium may charge users to read your article but you may not get to earn anything from your articles on Medium.

To summarize,

  • Pros – You can write.
  • Cons – Very less control, not customizable at all.


To conclude, I have made a simple flow chart to help you with choosing a blogging platform.


I hope this article help you in finding your blogging platform. No matter which platform that you blog on, content is always the king.

If you have any questions or if you are still in dilemma which platform to start your blog, feel free to reach out to me or comment down below!