Google+ is about to disappear for good. And if you have been using a Google+ profile instead on Blogger profile, it is high time that you switch back to Blogger profile before you become anonymous. In this article, I will show you the correct way to switch from Google+ profile to Blogger in Blogger.

Blogger has officially announced on their blog that all Blogger blogs will be reverted to Blogger profiles in March 2019. Users that have selected a G+ profile in the past will appear as unknown authors until they next login to Blogger and supply a new display name and avatar. Read official announcement from Blogger: An update on Google+ and Blogger.

You might be thinking, “why not just delete your Google+ profile yourself and get done with it?”. Well, not so quick!

Don’t delete your Google+ account!

When Google announced it’s plans to shut down Google+ few months ago, some people were little too quick to get rid of their Google+ account, not realising it might be linked to other Google related services. People who deleted their Google+ account later found out that their Blogger blog also got deleted along with it.

Don’t worry about deleting your Google+ account. Google will do it for you, for free! So don’t waste our time on it. Read along to find the proper way to switch your Blogger blog from Google+ profile to Blogger profile.

Proper Way to Switch From Google+ Profile To Blogger Profile

To switch your Blogger blogs from Google+ profile to Blogger profile, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Blogger dashboard > Settings > User settings
  • Under “General” section, select “Blogger” instead of Google +.
  • Click on “Save settings” button on top right corner.
  • You will be taken to page to confirm the switch to Blogger profile. Click on “Switch to a Blogger profile” button.
  • Set a Display Name for your Blogger profile and click on “Continue to Blogger” button.
  • All your Blogger blogs are now switched back to a Blogger profile.

If you want to edit your Blogger profile to add more details, you can do that by going to Settings > User settings > General > user profile > click on “Edit” link under Blogger.

I hope this little guide may help you in switching back to Blogger profile. If you are having trouble or got any questions related to Google+ shutdown, feel free to ask in the comments below or by contacting us via our support page.