Blogger a.k.a BlogSpot is a blogging platform currently owned by Google since 2003. But it was originally launched in August 23, 1999 and it is quite unbelievable that Blogger is still around considering the fact that it has always been a free service – it’s been almost two decades now!

Almost all of the people who ever wrote a blog post must have had at least one Blogger blog. For most of the people, Blogger is a perfect platform to get started with their blogging career. Setting up a blog in Blogger should not take no more than 10 minutes – it’s straight forward, easy and configured out of the box.

Being a Product Expert in Blogger, I know Blogger inside and out pretty well. There are certain limitations Blogger I think you should be aware of before committing your blogging career with Blogger. Let’s find out!

Limitations of Blogger

No Mobile App

Yes! It’s 2019 and Blogger – a service provided by Google does not have an official mobile app at the moment. Blogger used to have a working mobile apps for iOS and Android. However, those apps either got pulled out or have not been updated since years. Even the official Blogger team at Google recommends using Google Chrome on desktop OS to have the “best” experience.

However fret not! There are rumours that Blogger is working new apps of Blogger that is slated to launch in the future. Until then you would have to just deal with this.

No Trash Bin

Trash bin is one of the common sense features you would expect on a blogging platform. However, even after almost two decades of it’s existence, Blogger platform does not have a trash bin feature. Because of this, it is not uncommon to see people complaining on the Blogger forums about accidentally deleting blog posts and not being able to recover them.

If lucky, it is possible to recover such deleted posts by not so conventional means. I’ll talk about it in another post.

Disappearing Posts

Since Blogger does not have a good client app out there, Blogger’s own Post Editor is the obvious way for most users to compose their blog posts. However, Blogger’s Post Editor has it’s quirks.

It has been reported various times that the unpublished blog posts that were in draft would just disappear or revert to the last saved version of the draft.

And since there is no trash bin feature and you don’t have any root access to the server where your blog’s data is stored, it is impossible to bring them back. This has caused agony to many users.

You Don’t Really Own Your Blog

It’s fair to say that you don’t really own your blog in Blogger platform. The reason is simple, you have little control on your blog’s settings and the data on the blog. First of all, your access to Blogger platform and the existence of your blog is dictated by Google’s Terms of Service and Blogger Content Policy. If you are caught for violation of the policies for some reason or the automatic spam detection accidentally black listed your blog, then that’s it. You’re now at the mercy of someone working at Google / Blogger.

Another big issue is that if Blogger team were to push an update to the platform, you just have to take it. There is no way to control it or avoid it. This would mean you have to live at risk that something could break your blog any moment when Blogger makes some changes.

A recent example is the removal of Google+ comments system from Blogger. Blogger has failed to provide a way to migrate the comments from Google+ back to Blogger and those who have used Google+ comments have to live with the fact that those comments are gone forever.

If you check the forums, you’d see people reporting issues like not being able to post comments, the blog settings getting automatically reset, blog getting removed for no reason etc.

Lack of Plugins or Widgets / Gadgets

Plugins or Widgets / Gadgets extends the functionality and features of your blog. Blogger used to allow you to upload your own gadgets, but that has been now removed. The only available gadgets / widgets are the few ones Blogger provides.

It is difficult to Migrate to Blogger

If you are looking to migrate your blog from WordPress or other platform to Blogger, it is a difficult task. Blogger doesn’t provide any reliable tool which you can use to help with moving in to Blogger.

The only tool out there which converts WordPress export file to Blogger supported format doesn’t really work well. Apart from that, the Blogger’s own import tool doesn’t work that well either. It’s a hit or miss most of the time.

Not Adult Friendly

Blogger is not adult friendly. If your blog is discussing adult topics, you are required to put your blog behind an adult content warning interstitial. This could really affect the SEO and visibility of your blog. Failing to do that could get your blog removed.


After reading these points, you might be wondering if I’m just hating on Blogger. I’m just stating the facts so that you can make an informed decision on where to start your blog. After all, nothing is free and perfect in this world. It’s basic economics. In the next post, I’ll write about the advantages of using Google Blogger to bring the balance.

What’s your impressions about Google Blogger? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.