GlowBowl Fresh

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Your toilet’s gonna look super cool with GlowBowl! 🔮🤩


Introducing GlowBowl Fresh – the innovative motion-activated toilet nightlight with a built-in air freshener. Say goodbye to stumbling around in the dark during those late-night bathroom trips and hello to a fresh and inviting bathroom experience. GlowBowl Fresh is designed to provide a gentle glow of light that is easy on the eyes and helps guide you to the toilet, without the need for harsh, bright overhead lights that can disrupt your sleep. Its motion-activated sensor detects movement within 5 feet and automatically turns on, ensuring that you never have to fumble around in the dark again.

But that’s not all – GlowBowl Fresh also comes with a built-in air freshener that helps eliminate unwanted odors and leaves your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Its long-lasting scent is perfect for keeping your bathroom odor-free, even after multiple uses.

Installation is quick and easy – simply attach GlowBowl Fresh to your toilet bowl using the included adjustable arm and hook. The device is designed to fit any toilet and can be easily removed for cleaning.

GlowBowl Fresh can be powered by 3 AAA batteries and features a low-energy consumption design that ensures long-lasting battery life. Plus, its water-resistant design makes it safe for use in any bathroom environment.

With GlowBowl Fresh, you can transform your bathroom into a peaceful, inviting space that is both functional and stylish. Its soft glow and fresh scent make it the perfect addition to any home, and its affordable price point makes it accessible to everyone.

So why settle for a dark and unpleasant bathroom experience? GlowBowl Fresh might be just the product you never you know wanted until today!

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