Smart Bike Lock

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No more worries of getting your bike stolen. Smart Bike Lock is here to save your day! 🚴‍♀️


Introducing the Smart Bike Lock / Bicycle Lock with Bluetooth app control. This innovative bike lock offers advanced security features to keep your bicycle safe and secure. With its Bluetooth app control, you can conveniently lock and unlock your bike with just a tap on your smartphone. No more worrying about losing keys or forgetting combinations. The app also allows you to easily monitor the lock’s battery level and receive notifications if someone tries to tamper with your bike.

Equipped with a powerful 110db alarm, this lock provides an added layer of protection against theft. The loud alarm will sound if someone attempts to break or remove the lock, alerting you and deterring potential thieves. You can have peace of mind knowing that your bike is well-protected.

The Nulock Smart Bike Lock features a 47-inch long braided steel cable, ensuring maximum strength and durability. The cable is designed to resist cutting and sawing, making it extremely difficult for thieves to compromise. The lock is also splash-proof with an IP44 rating, allowing you to use it in various weather conditions without worry.

Not only suitable for bikes, but this versatile lock can also be used for scooters, strollers, gates, and more. Its adjustable cable length provides flexibility to secure different types of equipment.

Invest in the Smart Bike Lock / Bicycle Lock and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with advanced security features. Say goodbye to traditional locks and experience a new level of protection for your valuable assets.

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