Selfie Stick for Dogs

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Capture perfect selfies and photos with your dog 🐶 🤳


Having trouble making your dog sit tight to take the most wonderful photo? Introducing the Pooch Selfie: Universal Selfie Stick for Dog photos! Get ready to capture the perfect selfie with your furry friend. Designed to help you train and engage your dog during photo sessions, this innovative pet selfie tool is a must-have for every dog owner.With its universal fit, the Pooch Selfie easily attaches to any smartphone, so you can snap adorable pictures of your pooch effortlessly. Simply clip the tennis ball to your phone and watch as your dog’s attention is instantly drawn to the camera. No more struggling to get your dog to look at the lens!

This pet selfie stick is not only a fun accessory but also a great training tool. Use it to teach your dog to focus and stay still for photos, creating lasting memories with your furry companion. Whether you’re capturing a candid moment or posing for a perfect portrait, the Pooch Selfie ensures that your dog is always the star.

Featured on Shark Tank, the Pooch Selfie has gained recognition for its clever design and effectiveness. So join the thousands of satisfied dog owners who have already experienced the joy of capturing amazing dog selfies and start snapping amazing pictures of your furry friend.

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